I am Sajith Pai. I work in the investment team at Blume Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm in India. 

I considered strongly whether to name this newsletter ‘Accidental VC’(!). For, I am one. I meandered my way into venture capital after a long stint in media and a shorter one in education, which not coincidentally are two of the sectors I support at Blume.

Outside of my work, I do a fair bit of reading, listening to podcasts, and writing. Most of my writings are collected on my website. Oh, and I am also fairly active on twitter.

Each newsletter issue has two sections largely. The first, ‘Writing(s)’ - a piece of my original writing or a link to one; the second ‘Readings’ - excerpts from 3-5 articles or books that I enjoyed. Naturally, given my background as an early stage Indian ‘VC’, you should find a lot of stuff about startups / entrepreneurship, venture capital and India!

Reach me @sajithpai on twitter (DMs open) or email me at sp@sajithpai.com or sp@blume.vc